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Glenn H. Hudgens

President and Founder

Glenn Hudgens has served as Crest’s President since the Company’s inception in 1987. Under Mr. Hudgens direction, the Company has generated and drilled several hundred prospects from infill locations to shooting 3-D seismic over a highly faulted multi-play area.

Mr. Hudgens has supervised all of the Company’s geologic and operational activities since its inception and has over 43 years of experience in engineering and geology. Crest’s track record in both completion percentage and economic success will compare favorably with any company in the industry.

In 2010 Crest under Mr. Hudgens direction, generated and managed a transformational mezzanine funding with Guggenheim Partners. Crest reached its third waterfall hurdle in the funding. Crest has also managed several other very successful joint ventures with BP and high net worth investors.

Glenn H. Hudgens
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